Transborder instruments of promotion



“Cross-border instruments of promotion of Polish-Ukrainian border area” –the project financed within Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Neighborhood Programme INTERREG IIIA/TACIS CBC (activity 2.1 Strengthening of institutional cross-border cooperation and human resource qualifications enhancement) with 5 partners support.      

Project objectives assume working out, common, multi-aspect promotion strategy of cross-border area (Subacrpathian Voivodeship, Lviv and Transcarpathian district), with particular regard to various forms of tourism. Also implementation instruments assume preparation of the base foundation in the form of marketing tools, integrated tourist product, brand management (aimed at Polish-Ukrainian target group, which will participate in strategy implementation process at its subsequent stage) also information campaign, publication release (in the form of economy related periodical and a guide book “Subcarpathian Treasures”).

That strategy will allow for establishing relations in the field of economy, especially sectors concerning trade, tourism, and communication. Also promotion oriented initiatives will be initiated and performed. Successful implementation of the project objectives is to be achieved by mutual Polish-Ukrainian trainings and workshops.

As a result of the project implementation, international leader group will be introduced and consistent Polish-Ukrainian strategy achieved.  Additionally, the Ukrainian partners will have an opportunity to use gained experience in any subsequent undertakings.

All activities undertaken during the project implementation, will contribute substantially to formation of permanent Polish-Ukrainian institutional ties, as well as a policy concerning any potential future cooperation (in the field of economy – mainly tourism, but also cultural development and growth of cross-border areas).


Partners of the project:


·            Association for Development and Promotion of the Subcarpathian voivodeship „ Pro Carpathia” form Rzeszow (Mover and Major Financial Partner);

·            Subcarpathian Regional Tourism Organization from Rzeszow (National Partner);

·            Local Subcarpathian Government (National Partner);

·            West-Ukrainian Travel Association from Lviv (Foreign Partner);

·            Transcarpathian Enterprise Support (TES) Fund from Ushgorod (Foreign Partner)


Project is being implemented from November 2007 and will last for 8 months

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